Coleman Event Shelter Spares ….

It’s nearly time to get the Coleman Event Shelter out for Spring / Summer 2019 – did you know we can supply all a full range of Spare Parts for your Coleman Event Shelter?… The Coleman Event Shelter is available in 3 sizes – 3m , 3.65m and 4.5m and in either Pro or Standard Versions – there is also a 4.5m Deluxe Coleman Event Shelter.

Need some spare plastic sections , these are available to purchase separately from IBEX Camping , so you don’t need to purchase the whole set – All we need to know is the colour of your frame – Black or Silver.

Black Framed Coleman Event Shelter require the Standard Coleman Spare Sections – they all fit any size of Event Shelter and any variant.

Spare Foot Spare Centre Spare T-Pole Bracket

Silver Framed Coleman Event Shelter – This would require the Deluxe Bracket sections.

Spare FootSpare CentreSpare T-Pole Bracket

Need some replacement poles , we have a small selection in stock , drop us a line , we are happy to split the pole sets to supply just the part you need , if we haven’t got it in stock we can order direct from Coleman and usually expect delivery within 7-10 days.

Need a new flysheet – we would need to order this in for you with delivery within 7-10 Days.

Any more advice? the Team @ IBEX Camping are here to help , we are extremely familiar with the Coleman Event shelter and are more than happy to answer any questions or offer advice.

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