Packing a Tent away for winter …

Coleman Cabral tent pitched at peterborough with hot air balloon

After a summer full of #CampingAdventures now behind us , we’re getting our Hire tents ready for winter storage , making sure they are safely packed away ready for an early start in Spring 2020 🙂 Our family tent hire has now come to an end , we are still hiring backpacking tents if your planning a more adventurous camping trip this Autumn.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your tent is packed away safely for winter.

Weather permitting , it’s always worth one last pitch before you pack your tent away for winter … just to make sure that there’s nothing left inside or unexpected from your last #campingadventure! Checking too for any forgotten sweets , leaves and grass.

Check all pockets hanging loops for anything that may have been left behind , a favorite of ours is a torch in the bedroom pocket!

Check for any signs of moisture , as well as the obvious dampness on the flysheet don’t forget that condensation can can be present too! a great hiding place is underneath the bedrooms and under the rainskirt on the flysheet , if your tent has a condensation trap along the groundsheet make sure this is absolutely dry throughout the tent too!

Top Tip: remove your bedroom pods during winter storage.

Check for any signs of damage … missing toggles or anything that may need a little mending before your first camping trip of 2020! we stock a range of great repair products … we also offer a tent repair service for larger repairs.

Once your happy that your tent is completely dry and free from any left behind items start your de-pitch.

Checking your poles are clean and free from any damage , we like to pack ours separately during the winter months just to make sure there isn’t any trapped water that could cause a problem for the flysheet.

Top Tip Here at IBEX Camping we always leave our guylines loose for our winter packaway too – this helps prevent any damage to the guylines that could be caused by a few months tied tightly!

Folding your tent , there are lots of ways to fold a tent and everyone has their own tips and ticks , we have our own way too …

Fold flysheet to flysheet – Groundsheet to groundsheet – Roll & Pack.

Fold your tent in half or quarters Flysheet to Flysheet (Top to Top) and check the Groundsheet ensuring that it is free from mud and debris. Wipe with a very slightly damp cloth if necessary and dry thoroughly Using the bag as a guide for the width – keep folding the tent – wiping and drying as necessary with every fold until the tent is the same width as the bag. Then roll to meet the bag.

Top Tip:Never apply cleaning products to your tent unless absolutely necessary – even specialist tent cleaning products can require the re-proofing of your tent – home cleaning products can cause damage to the fabrics and groundsheet.

Store your tent somewhere nice and dry and away from direct sunlight.

Top Tip: don’t wrap or cover with plastic – let your tent breathe!

We are always here to offer a little advice , if you have any questions or would like any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Happy Camping , The Team @ IBEX Camping

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