Why is my Polar Down Jacket flat?

Mens Target Dry Mac in A Sac reversible Down Jacket Navy and Flame

Polar Down Jackets have become a popular addition to Outdoor Enthusiasts Kit over the last few years , being popular among walkers , hikers , cyclists and campers – they have also become popular just for every day wear. Being lightweight and compact , a polar jacket provides is ideal for travel or when packing needs to be compact – a great solution for warmth when you could do with a couple of coats! We have chosen to add the Target Dry Mac in a Sac Polar Reversible jacket to our range , two jackets for the price of one! These jackets are available in both a ladies and mens fit polar jacket and are supplied with their own stuff sack.

Once removed from their stuff sack you’ll find that your Polar Jacket may be a little flat and on first appearance may feel a little disappointing … don’t worry – this is completely expected , having been packed in the factory from new your polar down has had chance to settle and just needs a little waking up.

To do this we recommend unpacking your jacket and removing from it’s stuff sack , then gently but a little vigorously give your jacket a shake , leave and over a little time your jacket will regain it’s down feel. The first time you do this it will take a little longer , from then on a brisk shake on taking your jacket out of the stuff sack should be all you need , unless you have stored your jacket for a little longer.

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