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Our Family Team are here to help
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How do I repair my Tent

How do I repair my Tent

Autumn is a great time to get your tent ready for next season … while there's still a little warmth in the sun and time to get your tent pitched… if it looks like there is any rain … don't pitch … your tent needs to be completely dry before Here at IBEX Camping we love to help you fix your tent rather than replace

Leaking tent … the first thing to do is to take a look to see where the water seems to be coming into the tent - is it generally all over or just in the corners … at the bottom of poles etc.  Water that's appearing around the seams or pooling at the bottom of pole sleeves may be leaking seams - you may like to take a look at resealing your seams - Stormsure Seam Sealer is easy to apply.  If your fabric is a little older and starting to leak it may be time to re proof Fabsil is a simple to use spray on water proofer one can covers approx 8sq m of fabric … but before you start .. is the fabric a little brittle? Brittle fabric can be a sign that it is UV damaged - this can mean that the fabric is likely to tear easily.  Extremely brittle fabric may mean that your tent or flysheet (outer layer) is ready to be replaced…it' s always worth checking  before you invest in repair products.  

Could it be condensation? modern tents are a little prone to condensation especially when there are dramatic changes in the day & night temperature.  If you're tents been fine and suddenly appears to develop a leak it may be just be condensation. 

Need a replacement flysheet? we're delighted to be Authorised Stockists for Coleman Spares , we are able to help with a replacement flysheet for your Coleman Tent or Coleman Event Shelter! A great way to give your tent a new life. 

Tears and Holes in your flysheet (outer) or Inner tent … these are simple to fix Stormsure Tuff Tape is available in 3 widths , 20mm Stormsure Repair Tape , 75mm Stormsure repair Tape  or for larger repairs 150mm Stormsure Repair Tape … supplied by the (m) but you are welcome to buy as much or as little as you need ! Transparent and flexible too , it has been designed to repair tent fabrics amongst many other items.  Extremely strong and durable , stormsure is perfect for small repairs … need a larger repair? We are able to help with these too. 

Broken poles … did you know that fibreglass poles are considered a consumable by most tent manufacturers … universal replacements are easily available , the repair itself is relatively easy to do too! Simply measure the length of your broken section (from the tip of your Ferrule (Silver end) to the top of the Fibreglass … universal pole sections are sold in two sizes to be cut down. Then measure the diameter of your pole - Fibreglass end not the ferrule end.  You can then purchase a replacement pole section … the most popular sizes being 9.5mm tent pole section , 11mm tent pole section and 13mm Tent pole section …this one measures approx 12.7mm! Might be worth checking the shock cord (elastic) too - to repair simply lay your pole out - remove the sections until you reach your damaged one - remove and cut the new section to the same size and replace … don't forget to  keep tension on your elastic so you don't loose it :) Here at IBEX Camping we also offer a mail order Tent Pole Repair Service… or if your local you can pop in too! 

Many lighter weight -  backpacking tents will have alloy poles to keep the weight down a little , while these are a lot stronger than Fibreglass poles , they can occasionally break too … the process is very similar , Alloy poles are available as universal spare Pole sections  7.9mm alloy pole sections , 8.5mm alloy pole sections , 9.5mm Alloy Pole Section and 11mm alloy pole sections with  angled alloy pole sections available  too!  

Steel poles are a little harder to repair , these are very often tent specific - being Authorised Spares Stockists for Coleman we are able to order Spare Poles for your Coleman Tent or Coleman Event Shelter , we have many in stock too - here for when you need them!

Little bits and pieces replacement rubbers , ring and pin , and much more.  We have a wide range of replacement tent and awning rubbers , ring and pins and bungee too! 

Need a little advice? Our family team of experienced campers are always happy to offer a little advice and answer any questions you may have … if we don't know the answer we'll  always try our best to find out for you :) 




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