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Coleman CXS+ 300R  LED Headlamp   Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch
Coleman CXS+ 300R  LED Headlamp   Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch
Coleman CXS+ 300R  LED Headlamp   Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch
Coleman CXS+ 300R  LED Headlamp   Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch
Coleman CXS+ 300R  LED Headlamp   Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch

Coleman CXS+ 300R LED Headlamp Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch

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Coleman CXS+ 300R LED Headlamp – Rechargeable 300 Lumen Head Torch
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The Coleman®  CXS+300R LED is a fully featured rechargeable 300 Lumen Headlamp ideal for winter walking, running or navigating the campsite after dark. The headlamp benefits from a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that can be easily recharged using the supplied micro USB lead. With bright and powerful LED bulbs, the headlamp offers an impressive 300 lumens of light. 5 different lighting modes including Extra Bright, High. Medium, Low and Red night vision mode, offer users the ultimate balance between brightness and efficiency. Coleman’s® advanced REAX sensor automatically adjusts the headlamp’s beam to suit your surroundings. For hands-free operation, the Coleman®  CXS+ 300R also features KineSix technology, enabling you to turn the headlamp on, off or change modes with the wave of a hand.The Coleman®  CXS+ 300R LED Headlamp also incorporates Coleman BatteryLock technology, fully disengaging the battery and preventing battery drain between uses. The headlamp has an IPX 4 water-resistant construction and the comfortable, elasticated headband is easy to adjust. Need a little advice? The Team @ IBEX Camping are here to help.

Coleman's® robust exterior shield is designed to increase product durability. Developed to cope effortlessly with more extreme wear and tear, in rugged or rough terrain, our technology allows products to withstand higher levels of damaging impact. Be confident that this tough and durable, protective layer won’t break and let you down
RUGGED:Coleman® products are equipped with rugged, over molded finishes. These robust edges provide extra protection should a lantern or headlamp be dropped. 
RESILIENT: 2m ANTI drop test ensures the devices will not be damaged if dropped from a 2 meter distance.
STRONG: Polycarbonate lenses on Coleman® products are shatterproof! Rechargeable Battery.

With Coleman REAX™ innovative, auto adjusting and light sensing technology, Coleman® headlamps adapt their own beam pattern to the surrounding environment and the needs of the user.
HOW DO I ACTIVATE IT? Hold down on/off button for 4 seconds to switch REAX™ into auto adjustment mode.
HOW DOES IT WORK?  When REAX™ mode is on, the user is free to roam as they wish, while the smart sensor automatically adjusts to the light settings around them.
PROXIMITY LIGHTING: When focusing on items at a close proximity, lumens will decrease and the beam will have a flooding effect to increase visibility.
LONG DISTANCE:  When looking into the distance, lumens increase stretching the light beam further.

KineSix™ No Touch Control 
Coleman KineSix™ technology is a revolutionary system inspired by kinesics, the interpretation of body movements. Designed to maximize headlamp functionality, the KineSix™ system is controlled by the user's hand movements, removing the need to operate the product manually.
WHAT DOES IT DO? KineSix™ offers a convenient hands free method to control the headlamp features while running, cycling, or even just standing!
HOW DOES IT WORK? To cycle through light modes and light intensities, after the user double tapped the headlamp switch, the user simply waves their hand within 3cm of the sensor on the front of the headlamp when needing to shift between light modes. Changes 3cm to 7cm.
BatteryLock™ Retain your battery life until it’s required! Featuring a revolutionary design, Coleman® presents a full range of Electric Lights with breakthrough BatteryLock™ technology.
Never suffer from corroded or dead batteries again with a Coleman BatteryLock™ electric light. After a long period of non-use, you can be rest assured when you find yourself in need of light, BatteryLock™ will be your beacon!

By preventing power drain in storage/off mode BatteryLock™ our lights.

Guarantees that batteries inside the electric light don’t lose charge due to residual drain, meaning your batteries are still charged and ready to go the next time you need them.
Protects batteries from acid leak, ensuring your device won’t be ruined or damaged from acid erosion.Ensures that devices remain in “off” mode inside your backpack or carry bag when you’re out on the go, without the risk of accidentally switching your light on and draining your batteries.
Lithium Ion
Selected Coleman® electric lights feature the incredible and reassuring power of a Lithium Ion battery. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is one of the most long lasting batteries on the market today and provides both reliable and durable power to a selection of Coleman® products. Especially compatible with LED lighting, Lithium Ion batteries are more efficient and last longer than standard batteries.


CHARGING TIME: Considerably faster than SLA equivalent 
NO MEMORY EFFECT: You do not have to completely deplete the battery before recharging again
RUNTIME: Approximately 50% longer runtimes with the same level of brightness
LIGHTWEIGHT: More power, less bulk
INCREASED CAPACITY: Lithium ion allows the LED to run on optimal frequency, making the light more efficient and extending the runtime

Facts & Figures:

Light output 300/250/100/25 lumens (extra bright/high/medium/low)
Beam distance 40/40/15/10 metres
Runtime 2.5/3/7/55 hours
Batteries Lithium ion rechargeable: USB included Features
BatteryLock™, REAX™ Auto Adjust, KineSix™ Hand Swipe,
Lithium Ion Rechargeable via USB, 5 light modes: Extra Bright/
High/ Medium/Low/Red Mode.
IPX level IPX 4
Size 8.8 x 4.55 x 3.6 cm; headband 60 cm
Weight 121g.

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