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Ghillie Kettle Explorer Hard Anodised - Made in UK

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Ghillie Kettle Explorer Hard Anodised Explorer - perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. Boils 3.5 mugs of water in a matter of minutes. Eco - Friendly burn twigs, fir cones dry leaves and news paper. No need for artificial gas or fuel. Useable in harsh conditions , wet and windy. Available in 3 sizes, can also be used to cook simple meals using the cook kit (available as an extra)
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Ghillie Kettle Explorer Hard Anodised for durability & protection,capacity 1.0l Weighs 0.8kg Boils 3.5 mugs in minutes Made in the UK! . Quick to boil and Lightweight with all the benefits of Stainless Steel.  The one with the whistle! Great for all outdoor activities , No Fossil Fuels required Ghillie Kettle's will burns any organic matter , leaves , sticks even animal dung! The Ghillie Kettle Explorer  Hard Anodised  is scratch resistant and easier to clean , with a smooth non stick surface that's non reactive = quicker to boil & heat Food. 

✔ This Hard Anodised Explorer  Ghillie Kettle is guaranteed for 10 years, subject to normal wear and tear
✔ Provides approximately 3.5 Mugs of water in minutes and is the largest in the range
✔ Lightweight 0.8kg 
✔ Holds up to 1 ltrs
✔ Height:28cm 
✔ Width: 18.5 (at its widest point)
✔ Comes with its own hard wearing carry bag.
✔ Made in the UK  10 
✔ Hard Anodised - A little more information 
✔ 10 Year Guarantee , excluded normal wear and tear. 

How the Ghillie Kettle Works

You can also find a great video amongst the images to show the Ghillie Kettle in action , using the standard Aluminium Ghillie Kettle , this was kindly provided by The Team @ Ghillie Kettle. 

Water is poured into the spout to approx. 5-10ml below the spout. Warning: do not overfill and do not light when empty.

The whistle is added. Only place the whistle on the spout. Do not push or force it on. Never approach the kettle from the front.

Place fuel (twigs, fir cones, etc,) into the base. 

Light carefully and immediately place the kettle on the base. Once lit the flames will rise through the middle of the chimney. 

The hole at the side of the bottom allows oxygen to be absobed as the flames rise (you can also add fuel through the centre of the chimney).

The whistle an invaluable safety feature it  blows when the water reaches boiling point. Ghillie Kettle is the original 'one with a whistle'.

Your Ghillie  kettle can be used in harsh, wet and windy conditions.  It's simple to use and doesn't require gas or any other artificial fuels. Just use twigs, fir cones, dry leaves and/or newspaper

Never allow your Ghillie Kettle to boil dry or light when empty -  ​​​Ghillie Kettle Safety Advice

​Why Hard Anodised? a little information from Ghillie Kettle  :- 

"The Result of Hard Anodising is that you get a thicker stronger coating which is approximately 2-4 times stronger than the normal Anodising process. It's as close as you can get to titanium while still using an easily machinable aluminum and stronger than stainless steel, with the added benefits of being lighter (a necessity when camping or travelling long distances) boiling water quicker and, importantly, unlike stainless steel, it won't rust!

All Hard Anodised Ghillie Kettles are manufactured using  the Hard Anodisation process, and the Ghillie Kettle company would like you to know that this is the most durable kettle to date.

Anodisation is primarily used to toughen up the outer shell of the aluminum and is also an easy way to add colour to your piece. What the process actually does is creates a aluminium hydroxide layer on the surface of the metal. After the process is complete the aluminum is no longer susceptible to nicks and scratches to the surfaces because the pores of the metal have tightened up creating a harder surface

There are 3 types of Anodisation
Type I -  is a specialist anodising using chromic or phosphoric acid instead of sulphuric acid,.
Type II - is the Anodising that can be done in a garage, using sulfuric acid and coloured dyes.
Type III -  is hard coat Anodisation, or Hard Anodising. Requires a more controlled environment.

 Type III or Hard Anodising is performed with a weaker solution of sulfuric acid, and a lower temperature acid bath. Normally for Type II anodising we have our acid bath around 60-70 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature often rises during the anodising process. For type III hard Anodising, the temperature must be at 35-40 degrees. The acid bath must be constantly mixed, otherwise a warm layer of acid will build up around the piece. The electric current will be much higher, perhaps 20 amps per sq foot. This requires bath mixing machines and cooling equipment."

  • Brand:
    Ghillie Kettle
  • Capacity:
  • Material:
    Aluminium Hard Anodised
  • Dimensions:
    28 x 18.5cm
  • SKU:
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  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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